We’re pretty fluid when it comes to process. If you want to work collaboratively, we’ll involve you every step of the way.

If you want us to manage the project from start to finish, we’ll go away until we’ve worked our magic. And if you want the best of both worlds, we’ll put together a process that works for everyone.


Like we said, we’re pretty fluid. But to give you an idea of how we can work, here’s our full process, in all its thoroughness.

  1. 1


    In our initial meeting, we’ll spend a lot of the time listening.

    When we have a better understanding of your brand, your competition and what makes your audience tick, we’ll work with you to tease out the needs of the project and pinpoint the essence of the story. We’ll then go away and digest it all before sending you a proposal and a detailed brief, which outlines the objectives of the project and the cost. When you’re happy, we’ll get cracking, using the brief as our guiding document.

  2. 2


    This stage is all about creative exploration. And it’s where the project really begins.

    Using all the insights from our initial meeting, we’ll brainstorm, develop and decide on a creative concept that captures the essence of your story. We’ll use your wider strategy to inform how to build a meaningful connection between your brand and your audience. And we’ll consider a variety of sound and video techniques to best capture the spirit of your brand.

    When you’re happy with the creative direction, we’ll start putting ideas into motion. We might do more research, some scriptwriting, a spot of storyboarding and some casting. And we’ll organise things like shoot locations, props and people to interview, if necessary.

  3. 3


    Once we finish the leg work, we’re ready to shoot.

    Whether we’re in a studio or onsite at a location, our team will be there to make sure everything goes to plan. And if we need to interview people from your company, we’ll prep them before they go on camera. The same goes for any actors we might use.

    And depending on the project brief, we’ll use a variety of specialist cameras — including drones — to best capture your story.

  4. 4


    After filming we’ll spend time editing the footage, making sure your story unfolds in the most powerful way.

    If we’re using specific music, illustrations or animations, they’ll come into play at this stage, along with audio recordings (like voiceovers) and post-production features (like motion graphics).

  5. 5


    After we’ve done all the exploring, filming and editing, we’ll present you with draft one of your video.

    You might want to change a bit here or tweak a bit there. But the alterations should be minor as we aim to have our first drafts as close to finished as possible.

    If there are any tweaks, we’ll go away and re-work the material we have. We shouldn’t need to do any extra filming. But if we do, we’ll draw up another quote.